Save incredible amounts of time by batch bouncing stems, mixes & masters. Bounce Butler babysits your bounces and texts you when it's done.

  • Pro Tools, Logic & Ableton 
  • Bounce mixes, stems, & masters
  • SMS text notifications
  • Custom bounce naming
  • Bounce to custom folders
  • Multiple bounce formats
Get your own AI Studio Assistant.

One App To Rule The DAWs.
Save incredible amounts of time by batch exporting your bounces and stems. Bounce Butler babysits your bounces and texts you when it's done.

  • Supports all popular DAWs
  • Bounce mixes, stems, & masters
  • SMS Text Alerts
  • SMS Progress Reports
  • Custom Bounce Naming
  • Bounce To Custom Folders
  • Multiple Bounce Formats
Automated Bounce Management For Your DAW.

Audio engineers all of the world have saved 
THOUSANDS of hours by using Bounce Butler.
Bounce Butler has bounced:


Pro Tools, Logic, & Ableton Sessions.

How Much Time Can Bounce Butler Save You?


Do I have to be there when it's bouncing?!

Nope! Bounce Butler Automates Batch Exporting, so you can do other stuff. It will text or email you when it's done. Let it bounce out all your stems, alternate mixes etc...

Can it bounce stems or alternate mixes?

Yes! Solo each stem you want to bounce, save it as it's own session, and let Bounce Butler take care of the rest! 

Wait, you're tellin' me it can "batch" my bounces?

Yes bruh. Bounce Butler Automates Batch Exporting. In other words, it gives your back your time and lets your studio work for you while you're not there.

How does it know what to title bounces?

It will title each bounce the same name as the session it was bounced from.

How does it select what part of the session to bounce?

It depends on the DAW, but in Pro Tools, if you select the part of your session you want bounced and save the session, it will bounce that. If you have not selected anything in your session and saved it, Bounce Butler will "Select All" and bounce the entire session.

In DAWs like Logic Pro X, Cubase and Ableton, it's often best to save a copy of a session that is edited to the exact length you want the final bounce to be. There's a few different ways to do it though.

Is this app Mac only?

Yep. We will likely support Windows in the future though. Stay tuned for that!

Sign up for our Windows waiting list.


Can I use my computer while Bounce Butler is bouncing for me?

Bounce Butler is essentially like having another person using your computer. It's a "virtual interen" so to speak. You computer can handle running multiple apps, but it can't handle two people using the mouse and keyboard, for this reason, once you start bouncing, if you move your mouse or use your keyboard, Bounce Butler will pause until you tell it to continue.

Where does it bounce files to?

This depends on the DAW you're using, but it will bounce to your session's bounce folder or to the previously selected bounce folder. (The one you used the last time you bounced.)

You can select the option to have it copy eached finished bounce to anywhere you want too. This is awesome for copying bounces to Dropbox so that you can check finished bounces from anywhere.

Can I select what format to bounce to?

In this first version, it will bounce in whatever previous format you used. In the future however, you'll be able to select any output format you'd like.

Can it do "Offline" & "Online" bounces in Pro Tools?

Yes and yes! It will default to your last used bounce settings.

Can I select the "Add MP3" in Pro Tools?

Yes you can! It will bounce two files per song in that case.

Questions about Bounce Butler?