Here's the story about how Bounce Butler became a "missional company".

Back in 2010, I was an overworked audio mastering engineer that had to regularly skip dinner with my family to finish all my work for that day. I knew something in my business had to change, so I taught myself how to code and created an AI assistant named Bounce Butler to help me keep up.

I'll never forget the first time I sat down for a family dinner while Bounce Butler finished my work in my studio... I knew my life would never be the same the first time he texted me "Your bounced are finished."


I had no idea my little AI project would become so valuable to so many other people, giving them the freedom to spend more quality time with people they love, invest in their own growth, healing, and health- but what I REALLY didn't expect was that Bounce Butler would also help me pass human rights laws in Ohio, Alabama & Indiana.

A doctored photo of Bounce Butler & co at the bill signing with Governor DeWine.

It's the support of Bounce Butler's customers that has given me enough free time to fight for human rights at the Ohio Statehouse... 

I recently helped author and pass "The Scout's Honor Law", ensuring Ohio's nearly two thousand Boy Scout survivors received their full bankruptcy settlements. Without this new law, these survivors would have lost hundreds of millions of dollars of their settlements due to Ohio’s extremely short "Statue of Limitation" for child abuse. After we passed it, Alabama and Indiana copied my legislation, and now it's the law there too! 

WTF, right?! Bounce Butler for the WIN! 😂🥳

Me, Gov. DeWine & my bestie, Representative Miranda after we made it illegal for dudes to rapes their wife in Ohio. 

But wait, there's more... Ohio has some of the most backward laws in the country, including one that makes "Marital Rape" legal. WTF, Ohio. Unreal.

After nearly 40 years of failed attempts, we FINALLY did it! We killed this ridiculous law. Starting August 15th, 2024, wives in Ohio will have the same rights as husbands, and finally, ALL rape will be illegal in Ohio.

Guys, I got to kick the patriarchy right in the ass. 🥳

From the bottom of “our” hearts; Bounce Butler, $tudio Time Tracker, and I would like to thank our customers for helping us create change. It's the support of a community of audio engineers that gives me the business juice to "bring freedom" to people outside of the recording studio too. 🙏

If you’d like to learn more about the advocacy we support, watch this ridiculous video of me singing about how a bill becomes a law in Ohio. 🎶

-Chris Graham