The makers of Bounce Butler present...

Studio Time Tracker (beta)

What is Studio Time Tracker?

Tracks every minute a Pro Tools session is open and active

Calculates your hourly rate based on a project's value

No credit card required.


What DAWs are supported?

Currently, Studio Time Tracker only supports Pro Tools on macOS


Is this app Mac only?

Yes. Studio Time Tracker supports macOS 10.10 and later.

No Windows support at this time.

Does it only track individual Pro Tools sessions?

No, Studio Time Tracker tracks all Pro Tools sessions that are in the same folder and adds them up.

For example, if you were working on a song and you had multiple session files:

  • Song 01 - Edit 01.ptx
  • Song 01 - Edit 02.ptx
  • Song 01 - Mix 01.ptx

Studio Time Tracker would add up the time tracked for each session file and show you the total time worked on Song 01.