Hi. I'm Chris Graham.

Bounce Butler and Studio Time Tracker were built to change the lives of audio engineers, but  the business side of them was designed to support my Human Rights work here in Ohio.

Ohio treats "Survivors" worse than any other state, so I go to the Statehouse regularly and coach legislators on the  need for new legislation. The surprising thing is that even though I have no idea what what I'm doing, it's working. 

I helped author "The Scout's Honor Law" here in Ohio which for the first time- brought full justice to a group of adult survivors. As a result, Ohio's 1,911 Scout Survivors will get their full bankruptcy settlements. This law brought hundreds of millions of dollars for these guys!

It was wild. I got to stand next to the Governor when he signed it into law. 

As many of you know from my days on "The 6-Figure Home Studio Podcast", this work is very personal to me, and I am so grateful for your support by using my AI products.

Currently, my main advocacy focus is in changing Ohio's "Spousal Exemption" for rape. We got it through the Ohio House of Reps and only one legislator voted no! Lately, I’m in the Ohio Senate fighting to get this next piece legislation over the line.

In my downtime between pieces of legislation, I upgrade my AI’s for you guys, and do some business coaching. Without Bounce Butler, I wouldn’t be able to fight for the rights of survivors and victims here in Ohio, so from the bottom of my “our” hearts, Myself, Bounce Butler, & Studio Time Tracker would like to thank you for helping us make a difference.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the advocacy work I do, watch this ridiculous educational video I made to help me recruit more advocates here in Ohio…