Automated Bounce Management For Your DAW.

One App To Rule The DAWs.
Save incredible amounts of time by batch exporting your bounces and stems. Bounce Butler babysits your bounces and texts you when it's done.

  • Supports all popular DAWs
  • Bounce mixes, stems, & masters
  • SMS Text Alerts
  • SMS Progress Reports
  • Custom Bounce Naming
  • Bounce To Custom Folders
  • Multiple Bounce Formats
Automated Bounce Management For Your DAW.

How To Use Bounce Butler

  1. Open Bounce Butler and select a bunch of session files that you want bounced.
  2. Select the options for the type of files you want bounced from the sessions.
  3. Enter a phone number or email address that you want notifications sent too.
  4. Press bounce and walk away. Bounce Butler will notify you when he's done.

Selecting Sessions

Using "List Mode" lets you select more than one session across multiple folders easily. You can also add more sessions later by clicking the "Add Sessions" button after selecting some sessions.

Selecting Files With Smart Folders

Selecting lots of session files is WAY fast if you use smart folders... here's a gif & a video on how to do that.

Bouncing With Markers In Pro Tools

If you have a marker numbered as "998" at the start of a session, and a marker labeled "999" at the end, Bounce Butler can bounce the part of the session that is between those markers.


Bounce Butler can text your OR email you when he's done bouncing. All you have to do is enter your contact info. If you're outside of the United States, you'll need to be sure to enter the proper country code if you'd like a text message. Bounce Butler's servers are in the US, so you'll need to enter your number in a way that would make your number reachable from the US.

Bouncing Offline in Pro Tools

Using something other than the default selection for bouncing is something we're working on improving.

Currently with Pro Tools 2019.6 and later, Bounce Butler gives you the option to bounce between markers 998 & 999. Our hope is to add those features to earlier versions of Pro Tools.

Bounce Butler "Accessibility Control" In System Preferences 

Setting up Cubase

Cubase needs a custom "Key Command" for Bounce Butler to be able to set up bounces for you. This should only take you a few seconds to set up. 

Logic Pro X stems with Bounce Butler 

The easiest way to make stems with Logic is to save your session as a "Folder" instead of a "Package". This allows you to easily solo out any stem you want to bounce, and then save it as it's own session. You can then select as many of these Logic Pro X session files as you want with Bounce Butler. 

Uninstalling Bounce Butler

  • Drag the Bounce Butler app to your Trash.
  • (Optional) Remove your license files:
    • Open Finder and click the "Go" menu.
    • Select "Go To Folder"
    • Type in "~/Library/Application Support/"
    • Delete "Bounce_Butler.txt"

If you're reinstalling the app to fix an issue, be SURE to follow the instructions on how to give Bounce Butler Accessibility Permission. 

Deleting Bounce Butler Preferences

Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > and paste the following code:

  • defaults delete Chris-Graham-Mastering.Bounce-Butler

For Bounce Butler Beta, use:

  • defaults delete Chris-Graham-Mastering.Bounce-Butler-Beta

Remove Bounce Butler Subscription ID

  • Open Finder and click the "Go" menu.
  • Select "Go To Folder"
  • Type in "~/Library/Application Support/"
  • Delete "Bounce_Butler.txt"

macOS System Control Workaround

Sometimes macOS doesn't want to give Bounce Butler system control. To get around this, follow the instructions below:

  • Close Bounce Butler
  • Delete Bounce Butler
  • Open System Preferences and go "Security & Privacy > Privacy"
  • In the left column, select "Accessibility"
  • In the right column, find Bounce Butler, select it, and then click the "-" button at the bottom
  • Keep System Preferences open
  • Download the latest version of Bounce Butler or Bounce Butler Beta 
  • Move Bounce Butler to your Applications folder
  • Open Bounce Butler

Bounce Butler will submit a new request to macOS to control your system. It should appear in the Accessibility apps in Systems Preferences.

Stems (for Atmos!) - (Currently in Bounce Butler Beta only)

Bounce Mode: I'll bounce each session into a single audio file.

Stem Mode: All tracks or folders with names ending in “;” will be solo bounced as a stem. (e.g., “Guitar;”). Each audio file bounced will count as a 1 bounce for the month. PT will default to the last used output for a bounce, so be sure to make sure you have done a bounce with the proper output selected before doing an Atmos bounce. We're considering ways to address the output issue, and open to suggestions before we roll this feature out for everyone.

To bulk rename in Pro Tools:
   1. Option-click each tracks and/or folder you want to bounce as a stem.
   2. Right-click or control-click a track name and select “Batch Rename” from the menu that appears.
   3. Add a “;” to the “Suffix:” section and click OK

I’ll go through each session, find track names ending in “;” and solo bounce each of those tracks and folders as stems.
Stem mode is still in beta, so let tech support know if I ever start acting weird. 🤪

All Tracks: I’ll select each Audio, Inst, & Folder track, bounce, and move on. Each audio file bounced will count as a 1 bounce for the month.

On Completion Script! - (Currently in Bounce Butler Beta only)

This is advanced stuff, but you can automate a LOT in your business if you go down this road. The most popular use of this feature would be to automatically add bounced files to revision editing software like Sample, FilePass, etc or file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Stay tuned, we'll have template scripts on here soon for you to use to super power your studio.

Other stuff - A message for Chris Graham

We're always looking to make Bounce Butler smarter, more useful and more time saving for you. If you ever have any ideas on things we could teach him to do- please let us know!

Bounce Butler hasn't gotten as many updates over the past few years as we'd like- but there's a reason for that...

If you're mixing or mastering engineer that does a lot of projects, Bounce Butler can save you a ton of time, right? We'll I (Chris Graham) originally built Bounce Butler so I would have enough time to eat dinner with my family, but now, thanks to the support of so many incredible audio engineers, Bounce Butler has created enough income to replace much of my other work, and I've used that time to advocate at the Ohio Statehouse for Human Rights issues.

Recently, I helped author and pass "The Scout's Honor Law" in Ohio that gave full justice to the 2 thousand survivors of Boy Scouts. It brought hundreds of millions of dollars to these guys- and opened doors for more legislation. Most recently, I helped create a law to remove the "Spousal Exemption" for Rape in Ohio. It passed the Ohio House, and I'm currently fighting to pass it in the Ohio Senate. Legislators have been fighting to pass this law for 40 years, and this is the farthest we've ever gotten in the process to becoming a law.

I've been able to do this in large part because of Bounce Butler. Thank you for your support!

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